Dr. Christian M. Meyer

Navigating Sense-Aligned
Lexical-Semantic Resources:

The Web Interface to UBY

Abstract. In this paper, we present the Web interface to UBY, a large-scale lexical resource based on the Lexical Markup Frame­work (LMF). UBY contains interoperable versions of nine resources in two languages. The interface allows to conveniently examine and navigate the encoded in­for­ma­tion in UBY across resource boundaries. Its main contributions are twofold: 1) The visual view allows to examine the sense clusters for a lemma induced by alignments between different resources at the level of word senses. 2) The textual view uniformly presents senses from different resources in detail and offers the possibility to directly compare them in a parallel view. The Web interface is freely available on our website.

Submitted: 01.06.2012 | Published: 19.09.2012
Visualizing sense alignments from UBY.
Visualizing sense alignments from UBY.