Dr. Christian M. Meyer

To Exhibit is not to Loiter: A Multilingual, Sense-Disambiguated Wiktionary for

Measuring Verb Similarity

Abstract. We construct a new multilingual lexical resource from Wiktionary by disambiguating semantic relations and translations. For this task, we propose and evaluate an automatic disambiguation method that outperforms previous approaches significantly. We additionally introduce a method for inferring new semantic relations based on the disambiguated translations. Our resource fills the gap between expert-built resources suffering from high cost and small size and Wikipedia-based resources that are restricted to encyclopedic knowledge about nouns. We demonstrate this by applying our new resource to measuring monolingual and cross-lingual verb similarity. For the latter, our resource yields better results than Wikipedia and expert-built multilingual wordnets. We make our final resource and the evaluation datasets publicly available.

Eingereicht: 29.08.2012 | Veröffentlicht: 10.12.2012

Semantic relations and translations need disambiguation.

Semantic relations and translations need disambiguation.